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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Thursday 5 April 2018

We are delighted to announce two new members of our Scientific Advisory Board: Professor Richard Edmondson, Clinical Professor in Gynaecological Oncology at the University of Manchester, and Professor Maurizio D'Incalci, Chief of the Laboratory of Cancer Chemotherapy and Chief of the Department of Oncology at the Mario Negri Institute of Milan.

Funding research of the highest quality is imperative to us – research projects that are novel, led by outstanding scientists or clinicians and with the greatest likelihood of finding new treatments or improving existing treatments for ovarian cancer. The Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Professor Ruth Plummer, is a panel of scientific and clinical experts who scrutinise each research application and recommend to our Board of Trustees which ones should be funded. So far we have funded over £1 million of research and the Scientific Advisory Board, together with vital input from our Research Advocates, makes sure that the generous donations we receive are used to give women with ovarian cancer the best chances of survival.

Professor D'Incalci brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning decades. He has been chief of the Laboratory of Cancer Chemotherapy at the Mario Negri Institute since 1986 and became chief of the Department of Oncology in 1996.

Professor Edmondson was awarded a Target Ovarian Cancer research grant in autumn last year for his project on translating our knowledge of the DNA damage response into clinical benefits for patients with ovarian cancer. We are thrilled that in 2018 he is able to bring his expertise in ovarian cancer to the Scientific Advisory Board to help us fund the groundbreaking research projects of the future.

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