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Posted by Katie on Friday 17 March 2017

Our information guides offer expert advice, practical information and emotional support for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at every stage. As part of our commitment to the Information Standard, a quality kite mark that recognises our information as trustworthy, accurate and clear, we formally review the guides every two years. But what does this review involve?

We start by asking some staff and supporters to tell us what works well and what could be improved in the current guides. This includes looking at spontaneous feedback we’ve received since the guides were last published – there are lots of good ideas! We then double check NICE and SIGN clinical guidelines for new developments or updates to include. We then combine all of these elements into our first new drafts.

We’re privileged to work closely with a number of experts including leading oncologists, surgeons, researchers, doctors and nurses, so the next step is to send our drafts to be reviewed by expert health professionals. Sometimes we’ll ask specialists in different areas to write new sections of a guide to make sure the content is the best it can be. The changes or suggestions made at this stage are incorporated into the second drafts.

We then consult with more experts on ovarian cancer – women who have been diagnosed. We ask for volunteers who are able to offer some of their time and share their experiences to make the guides special. It’s important to us that the guides are supportive, useful and relevant to people who read them, so this is a crucial part of the review process. We also arrange photoshoots with women who are happy to feature in the guides – this is a lot of fun!

Once everyone is happy with the text, we send it over to a design team who work hard to bring the final guide to life with colours and our photographs. This version will then go back out to our reviewers when the last small changes are picked up. When the design is finalised, we anxiously await a big delivery of the new guides and look forward to sending them out to you.

If you want to get involved with reviewing any of our publications, please get in touch on

Target Ovarian Cancer is a proud to be a certified member of the Information Standard scheme. The Information Standard is a quality kite mark that recognises our information as trustworthy, accurate and clear. It means that our information has gone through a rigorous assessment to check that it is evidence-based, reliable and high-quality.

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