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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Monday 1 June 2015

In May 650 MPs were elected across the UK to represent you in parliament. It's hugely important to us to make sure they're listening to your concerns and needs.

With this in mind, we're launching our brand new campaign in the House of Commons on 23 June. With your help we want to ensure as many MPs as possible attend, so they can understand first-hand the impact of ovarian cancer on women, their families and their friends.

Called "The Ovarian Cancer Postcode Lottery" the campaign looks at differences in symptoms awareness, access to clinical trials and outcomes across the UK. This is our chance to make sure every MP, new or returning, learns more about ovarian cancer and what needs to change.

Every MP has been invited to the launch, but we need your help to get them there. All you need to do is use our simple online tool and a personal email will be sent to your MP, urging them to support our campaign.

Write to your MP

Thank you for your support.