This is your chance to participate in the upcoming All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) Inquiry “Diagnosing ovarian cancer sooner: what more can be done?”.

Much work has already been undertaken to improve early diagnosis, including clear clinical guidelines setting out the symptoms and referral pathway, investment in direct GP access to diagnostic tests and Be Clear on Cancer pilots to raise public awareness of ovarian cancer. Most recently "Achieving world-class cancer outcomes: a strategy for England" contains many recommendations that have the potential to see more women diagnosed at the earliest opportunity. This Inquiry will take stock of progress to date and identify where we can go further and new ideas and approaches that could be adopted.

The Inquiry will be made up of two parts: a call for written evidence and two oral evidence sessions. Below are questions we are asking people to answer as part of the call for written evidence.

As health is fully devolved, and the APPG on Ovarian Cancer is based at the Westminster parliament, this Inquiry will primarily focus on the health system in England, but if you live elsewhere in the UK you are still welcome to share your experience.

For those providing written evidence we are asking for your views on the following questions.

Please ensure you have submitted your evidence by Friday 16 February 2018.

Finally, it is helpful to know a little bit about you.

If you are interested in attending either of the oral evidence sessions, due to take place from 4-6pm on Tuesday 20 February, or to be added to the APPG on Ovarian Cancer mailing list, please email

Target Ovarian Cancer provides the secretariat to the APPG on Ovarian Cancer.

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