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Laura's story

"More women need to know because early diagnosis is the best chance of survival. It can be easy to dismiss the symptoms and put them down to something else but it is not worth the risk."

The earlier a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer the more likely it is she will respond to treatment and the better the outcome. But, the number of women living at least a year following their diagnosis is very low when compared with other countries. Over a quarter of women with ovarian cancer are diagnosed through an emergency presentation (for example, accident and emergency).

This needs to change. It is vital more women are aware of the symptoms of ovarian cancer and more GPs need to be trained to diagnose ovarian cancer at the earliest possible point. 

Target Ovarian Cancer is campaigning for government-funded symptoms awareness campaigns in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We are also campaigning for the shortest possible diagnostic pathway and for existing guidelines to be implemented.

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