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What are we campaigning for? 

Awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer is vital if more women are to be diagnosed earlier. But Target Ovarian Cancer research has found just one in five women are able to name bloating as a symptom of ovarian cancer.

We need national awareness campaigns that include the symptoms of ovarian cancer in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales so that every woman knows the symptoms to look out for.

What has happened so far? 

  • In England: We have seen an ovarian cancer local and regional pilot as part of Be Clear on Cancer, a government funded campaign which aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of cancer and encouraging people to see their GP early. Ovarian cancer has also been included in an abdominal symptoms campaign pilot in the Midlands.
  • In Northern Ireland: The Public Health Agency ran an ovarian cancer awareness initiative. They also launched Be Cancer Aware to raise awareness of all cancers, although there has yet to be an ovarian cancer specific campaign.
  • In Scotland: The Detect Cancer Early symptoms awareness raising programme has featured ovarian cancer as part of the #MySurvivor campaign but has not been the focus on any standalone activity.
  • In Wales: To date there has been no specific activity on ovarian cancer. But, in 2017, the Welsh Assembly Petitions Committee produced a report calling for a public facing ovarian cancer awareness in Wales.

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