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David's story

"I did my bit to raise ovarian cancer awareness with a motion at Fife Council, which drew attention to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and called for more to be done to raise awareness of ovarian cancer among women and health professionals."

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, every March, is a vital part of our work to improve early diagnosis and save lives through raising awareness and funds.

What needs to change?

Only three per cent of women are very confident of spotting a symptom of ovarian cancer. With no screening programme and no national awareness programme (such as Be Clear on Cancer), raising awareness is particularly vital.

Women need to know what to look for, so they go to their doctor as soon as possible. GPs need to know what to rule out, so they can send women for the right diagnostic tests as soon as possible.

Only with increased awareness of the symptoms can we increase early diagnosis.

Our campaign so far

  • Using the media: During Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we work hard to get inspirational stories of women with ovarian cancer in the local and national papers, and in magazines. This is a great way to raise awareness with more people than we can reach directly ourselves.
  • Using social media: In March 2016, our digital #ShoutLouder campaign reached an incredible 351,995 people on Facebook and 252,157 on Twitter in March alone. 
  • Working collaboratively: We work with The Eve Appeal, Ovarian Cancer Action and Ovacome , sharing a website with information about ovarian cancer symptoms, to ensure women are given consistent information. We also worked with them to reach as many people as possible with the symptoms information with a Thunderclap on 31 March 2015.

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