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A picture of Pauline
Pauline shares her fundraising secrets in our TAKE OVAR campaign
After Pauline's ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment, she knew she wanted to give something back. Here she talks about her passion for fundraising and why her family is 100 per cent behind her - even if that means they never get to eat any of her baking… Finding out wasn't a shock. In my mind I...
A picture of Rob
Rob shares his motivation for fundraising in our TAKE OVAR campaign
When Rob’s mother passed away after an ovarian cancer diagnosis, he was determined to channel his grief into something positive. Three marathons and some £20,000 pounds later, Rob talks about the power of fundraising, and how he went from exercise novice to marathon man… My mum Jean was 63 when she...
A picture of Kathy
Kathy knows the importance of an early diagnosis
For Kathy, being told she had cancer was one of the worst days of her life. Here she talks about how she’s learnt to deal with her diagnosis, and why waiting is the hardest part… The day they they told me I had cancer in the pelvic area was one of the worst days of my life. My husband wasn’t there...
Liz knows first-hand the importance of paying attention to your body
Like many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Liz’s story began with the feeling that something just ‘wasn’t quite right’. Here she talks about the importance of paying attention to your body, how she coped with the bad days and why she couldn’t have done any of it without the love and support of...