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Tracey tells her ovarian cancer story
Tracey has come to a quiet acceptance of her diagnosis
When a doctor casually mentioned that she might have cancer, Tracey struggled to deal with the shock. Here she talks about family denial, dealing with her anger and how she’s come to quietly accept her diagnosis... When the doctor said “maybe it’s cancer”, he said it in such an off-the-cuff way. I...
Janet's cancer diagnosis freed her from a stressful job
Despite a family history of ovarian cancer, when Janet started experiencing lower abdominal pain, she struggled to get her doctor to send her for a scan or a CA125 blood test. Janet was eventually diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later suffered a recurrence of the disease. Despite this, she is...
Jennie has been diagnosed with incurable cancer
After being told her cancer had recurred and was now classed as incurable, Jennie might have been forgiven for falling to pieces. Instead, with the help of Target Ovarian Cancer’s On Target newsletter – along with her own determination and positivity – Jennie decided to believe in the future and...
Pat experienced symptoms for over two years before being diagnosed
Pat, who lives in Belfast, had been experiencing symptoms for over two years before eventually being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Here she talks about her quest to find answers, her overwhelming positivity and how chemotherapy allowed her to explore her creative side… Just because you have...