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Don and his wife, Glenys
Don and his wife have both supported each other through cancer
My wife and I have each had the experience of a cancer diagnosis, and the experience of supporting each other through cancer. We both believe that caring for someone with cancer is a very specific kind of challenge because all you can do is watch and try to help where you can. On holiday in 2016,...
Claire's story
Claire stayed positive after a difficult diagnosis
When Claire began experiencing heavy bleeding and bloating after the birth of her first child, doctors repeatedly wrote her symptoms off as post-natal depression. It was only when she insisted on surgery that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Here she explains her frustration, the importance...
Louise's ovarian cancer story
Louise thinks there's misconceptions about chemo
  For many women with ovarian cancer, the prospect of treatment can be almost as frightening as the diagnosis itself. Louise shares her experience of ovarian cancer and why chemotherapy isn’t a scary as you think... I want more people to know about chemo and the symptoms of ovarian cancer. There’s...
Tracey tells her ovarian cancer story
Tracey has come to a quiet acceptance of her diagnosis
When a doctor casually mentioned that she might have cancer, Tracey struggled to deal with the shock. Here she talks about family denial, dealing with her anger and how she’s come to quietly accept her diagnosis... When the doctor said “maybe it’s cancer”, he said it in such an off-the-cuff way. I...