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Picture of Marion
Marion's diagnosis came after experiencing abdominal pain
When Marion went to the doctor complaining of severe abdominal pain, her GP gave her a choice: she could accept that her symptoms were probably just scar tissue from an earlier surgery, or she could undergo an ultrasound and find out for sure. Marion explains why her decision to ‘follow things...
Ann-Marie learnt to trust her body over everything
Not everyone has the textbook symptoms of ovarian cancer…just ask Ann-Marie. Here she talks about her unusual route to diagnosis, the fear of the unknown and why, when it comes to ovarian cancer, knowing your body is just as important as knowing the symptoms. Coming to terms with my diagnosis was...
Julie discovered a family link to cancer
When Julie went to her doctor complaining of sickness and bloating, she had no way of knowing that her symptoms might be linked to her sister’s breast cancer diagnosis. Here she talks about family history, and why – when it comes to getting answers – sometimes the small details can end up being the...
Janet's cancer diagnosis freed her from a stressful job
Despite a family history of ovarian cancer, when Janet started experiencing lower abdominal pain, she struggled to get her doctor to send her for a scan or a CA125 blood test. Janet was eventually diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later suffered a recurrence of the disease. Despite this, she is...