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Pathfinder: Transforming futures for women with ovarian cancer

Target Ovarian Cancer carried out its first Pathfinder in 2009. The purpose of the Pathfinder studies is to establish what is working and what needs to improve in order to transform survival and quality of life for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Pathfinder enables Target Ovarian Cancer, policy makers and those working in the field of ovarian cancer more widely to identify priorities for change and gauge progress to date.

This is the third Pathfinder and this report is based on five different surveys:

  • Women in the general population
  • Women with ovarian cancer
  • Practicing GPs
  • Nurses working with women with ovarian cancer
  • Family and friends

The report is structured around the patient pathway. It begins with awareness and diagnosis, before moving on to treatment and support. It also has sections looking at genetics, clinical trials and mental wellbeing and body image to present a more complete picture.