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Woman and her daughterAn ovarian cancer diagnosis has an impact not just on the woman diagnosed, but on the family and friends around her.

Of the immediate family taking our survey (partners, children, parents, siblings) 40 per cent reported taking time off work to attend appointments. In terms of day to day practicalities, 15 per cent had to take on greater caring responsibilities for other family members and 26 per cent took over the running of the house.

We asked family and friends to describe in their own words the emotional impact of their loved one’s diagnosis.

Word cloud of most common words used by family and friends

It can often be difficult for family members to talk about the impact on them when the woman with ovarian cancer they are supporting is there; just 28 per cent said a health care professional had spoken to them on their own about how they were feeling. For those that had lost someone, 39 per cent reported a health care professional talking to them about bereavement support.