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Nicola is talking part in The Ovarian Cancer Walk with her mum Suzanne

Nicola is taking part in The Ovarian Cancer Walk with her mum, Suzanne, and has taken the time to tell us her story. 

When Mum got poorly we were all hoping for a different diagnosis but unfortunately, just after Christmas, we were told it was ovarian cancer and Mum was booked in for her operation. It was a bit of a shock to everyone - Mum was the healthiest of all of us and very rarely got ill! 

It hit us all quite hard but I always knew that Mum would get through it. I never let it cross my mind that she might not make it. I mean, it was Mum - she was always ok! I couldn’t imagine life without her so I tried not to think that far ahead, I just took each part as it came. I needed to stay strong for my mum, dad, brother and sister. 

First, there was the operation. I went to visit Mum every day she was in hospital and made sure my dad was ok at home. Mum did amazingly well and made a great recovery. 

Next it was time for the chemotherapy which was the bit I was dreading the most. How would it affect my Mum? Would she get really sick? How ill was she going to be? How would she cope with losing her hair? The only thing I could do was wait and see.

Luckily, all of Mum’s treatment was at my local hospital so I could go down and sit with her whilst she was having her chemotherapy. It didn’t take long for all her hair to fall out so we went out wig shopping. Trying to find a positive (if there was one?), Mum tried on a few different styles. She had had the same hair style and colour for years so this was her opportunity to try something new! The treatment took a bit longer than expected as her blood levels kept dropping too low, so we had to wait another week each time to make sure she was strong enough for the next lot of chemotherapy. 

It was a long difficult road but we got through it. Mum has now been cancer free for two and a half years. She is truly an inspiration to me - no one could have dealt with it better. I hope I take after my mum and that I can deal with whatever life throws at me just as she has done. 

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