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Nicole lost her mum to ovarian cancer

Nicole lost her mum to ovarian cancer in October 2013, aged 63. Her mum was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer in January, and was refused potentially life extending surgery.

Nicole’s mum had been visiting her GP for several months, with symptoms that included feeling bloated and having trouble eating. The GPs put the symptoms down to other conditions, and eventually Nicole’s mum went to hospital, where she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer within 24 hours.

“My mum was told that she had late stage ovarian cancer when she was on her own in hospital. She was then refused surgery, and her late diagnosis had a significant part to play in this.

Nicole and her mum

“My mum was very frustrated, as she felt that she wasn’t given enough options or a say in her own treatment. She went on to have six rounds of chemotherapy, but as soon as she stopped the treatment the cancer started growing again. My mum died in October 2013, she was only 63.

"We all still feel angry about how she was diagnosed and how she was treated once she got her diagnosis; as if the cancer had been caught earlier, or if she had surgery then she might have lived longer. But now we’ll never know. 

“I’m passionate about raising awareness of ovarian cancer, so that other women don’t have to go through what my mum went through.”

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