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Shani was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal ovarian cancer

"I saw a consultant on the Tuesday, and was told then I had stage 4 terminal cancer." We met Shani this year at our Being Together day in Maidstone. In this video, she tells us about her diagnosis and how she reacted to the news. 

I had suffered from IBS for years and it had been getting worse so I went to see my GP. He noticed a swelling near my navel and referred me for an ultrasound. As he thought it was a hernia I wasn’t worried.

No one asked if I had any other symptoms and I was told it was something that could be dealt with once I got back from a planned holiday. However, on my return I went to see my consultant and he sent me for a CT scan. He telephoned me the next day to say it was bad news. I then started the long road of living and dealing with ovarian cancer.


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