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Wednesday 11 June 2014
Gail is a member of Bristol Women's Voice, an organisation set up to promote women in Bristol. She first experienced symptoms in July 2011, but thought she was suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. The bloating became more painful a few months later while on holiday, and she was advised to...
Tuesday 9 July 2013
This was my gorgeous view last Wednesday across a lake in sunny Bristol. Thanks to Target Ovarian Cancer I was attending the first-ever residential ‘living well’ course specifically for young women with OvCa at the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre.  When I first got invited on the course, I burst...
Thursday 6 December 2012
My name is Debbie Bezalel and I have just joined Target Ovarian Cancer as the new Head of Education and Supportive Services.Three weeks in and I am finally finding my feet and getting to grips with this wonderful organisation. I have joined from an educational fundraising charity, but prior to that...
Monday 26 November 2012
I have been busy the last few weeks with planning and organising our Being Together day in Bristol two weeks ago. I'm now back and after some time to relax and reflect, I'm ready (in fact have already started!) to organise the next event in London in January. But let’s have a look back at the...