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Tuesday 19 January 2016
Findings have today been reported that show an increase in risk of ovarian cancer for women carrying a mutation in their BRIP1 (FANCJ) gene. This is different from the more well-recognised mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes. Target Ovarian Cancer’s Director of Research, Dr Simon Newman, said: “...
Tuesday 22 December 2015
Since joining Target Ovarian Cancer one of my key goals has been to ensure we build close relationships with the researchers we fund and do everything possible to ensure their research makes an impact even after we finish funding. With a recent visit to our office from Dr Anne Lanceley, whose...
Tuesday 20 October 2015
Today’s news reports on a new study that suggests that women undergoing IVF increase their risk of ovarian cancer by over one third.  Dr Simon Newman, Director of Research for Target Ovarian Cancer, said: “These numbers sound concerning, but the increase in the actual number of women affected is...
Thursday 15 October 2015
I have been given the difficult task of summing up all the amazing work our Target Ovarian Cancer funded scientists have been undertaking in just one short blog. The flip side is - having committed nearly £600,000 to research – it’s great news we already have so much impact to talk about, so here...