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Thursday 5 September 2013
A new study reports that UK scientists have found a gene in mice that, if faulty, may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Scientists at the London Research Institute, Cancer Research UK have revealed how mice lacking the gene (Helq) were twice as likely to develop ovarian tumours. If the gene is...
Friday 26 July 2013
It is thought approximately one in eight women develop ovarian cancer due to inherited faults in genes, many of which are due to the inherited BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations which also raises the risk of breast and prostate cancer in families. Currently, women newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer are...
Frances Reid at the BGCS conference
Thursday 27 June 2013
This is a new experience for me, a blog written on the road. I am currently sitting in the marvellous Target Ovarian Cancer exhibition stand overlooking the river Lagan in Belfast. However, it is not all relaxing as we’re here attending the British Gynaecological Cancer Society conference, an...
Tuesday 25 June 2013
New resource to improve access to clinical trials for women with ovarian cancer. Last week saw Target Ovarian Cancer showcasing our new Clinical Trials Information Centre at the British Gynaecological Cancer Society annual meeting in Belfast. This new resource has been launched in response to data...