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What does leaving the European Union mean for women with ovarian cancer
Monday 18 March 2019
You may have seen stories in the news about what leaving the European Union (EU) could mean for people who are being treated for cancer. If you – or a loved one – are being treated for ovarian cancer you may have questions about what leaving the could mean for you, and particularly whether it will...
Friday 5 February 2016
A Government Committee has today issued a report showing that the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) has not been managed effectively by NHS England. The Public Accounts Committee has said that the benefit to patients of the CDF, which was set up to improve access to drugs not normally available on the NHS,...
Monday 9 November 2015
The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) has today announced it has accepted an application for first line use of bevacizumab (Avastin) for stage 4 (advanced) ovarian cancer, following a patient consultation, which Target Ovarian Cancer responded to. This means that women with stage 4 ovarian cancer...
Friday 18 September 2015
Public Health England, NHS England and NHS Right Care have today launched the third NHS Atlas of Variation in Healthcare, with the purpose of tackling variation in healthcare across the NHS. Covering every aspect of healthcare from cancer, cardiovascular, neurology and more, the report recognises...