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Thursday 2 April 2015
Hundreds of events, 880 balloons, 4,000 pin badges, over 20,000 symptoms leaflets, 3,000 wristbands, 440 alpacas... and we've reached the end of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. With continued widespread misunderstanding of ovarian cancer, our awareness campaign does not stop here, but today we're...
Friday 27 March 2015
In the fourth week of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we've seen our supporters raise awareness and funds in lots of different ways and even get into the national press! Choosing just five is always very difficult - and whatever you are doing to help this month, thank you. Annie's tea and cakes...
Friday 20 March 2015
In the third week of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, we've seen our supporters fundraise and raise awareness in all sorts of original ways, from tattoos, to dancing, to alpacas! Choosing just five is always incredible difficult - whatever you are doing to help this month, thank you. Kimberly's...
Friday 13 March 2015
This month is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Our incredible supporters, across the UK, spend the month raising awareness and fundraising in hugely varied ways. This week, we've been overwhelmed with the variety of ways that people have been raising awareness and fundraising for us, so we've found...