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Monday 2 June 2014
Target Ovarian Cancer has appointed a GP Advisory Board on ovarian cancer, bringing together leading GPs from around the UK in a bid to improve outcomes in early diagnosis for women. Dr Hilary Morrison is a retired GP from Staffordshire who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She’s now a...
Friday 16 May 2014
I had the misfortune of seeing a doctor who didn’t know any of the signs or symptoms of ovarian cancer. Now, you see what I was up against? And what’s worse, he would not listen to me! I tell as many people as I can about the symptoms of ovarian cancer these days, and I tell them to pass the...
Monday 28 April 2014
Jan got in touch with us during Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month to share with us a poem she wrote about ovarian cancer. She told us her story and explained why it’s important to her that more women know about the symptoms. March is a significant month for me.  Not only is it ovarian cancer awareness...
Tuesday 15 April 2014
Ursula was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, when she was 31 years old. By March 2012 she was in follow-up treatment. Two years later she is taking on an epic walk around Wales to fundraise and raise awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms. In 2011 I was just any old 31 year old, taking a couple...