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Friday 17 September 2010
NICE is unable to approve the drug Trabectedin (Yondelis) for the treatment of relapsed ovarian cancer. Target Ovarian Cancer responded to this announcement with the following statement. Target Ovarian Cancer understands the disappointment this announcement will bring to women with ovarian cancer,...
Friday 30 July 2010
The Online Continuing Professional Development Tool for GPs focusing on ovarian cancer, produced by BMJ Learning, commissioned and funded by Target Ovarian Cancer has been extremely popular since its launch, reaching its target of 2000 GP completions in less than four months. Its success to date...
Thursday 29 July 2010
As a direct result of the Target Ovarian Cancer Parliamentary Reception, launching the 'six simple steps' campaign a month ago, a group of cross-party MPs have now set up a group within Parliament to ensure ovarian cancer is firmly on the political map. All Party Parliamentary Groups cover a vast...
Friday 2 July 2010
Eilish Colclough gave a personal challenge to those attending our recent parliamentary reception. Women with ovarian cancer, MPs, clinicians, nurses, policy makers and supporters enjoyed a hot and busy afternoon at the House of Commons on Tuesday at the launch of our Six Simple Steps campaign. ...