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Yiyan in the lab
Monday 19 September 2016
Dr Yiyan Zheng (pictured) is a post-doctoral researcher in Professor Ahmed Ashour Ahmed’s lab at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), University of Oxford. Target Ovarian Cancer has funded Dr Zheng’s work since 2013. We visited the lab to ask him about his important work on ovarian...
Monday 1 February 2016
Target Ovarian Cancer is very proud to present its second flagship 'Ask the Experts' event: 'Science, theory and advances in ovarian cancer'. On 14 June 2016, in Birmingham, we will bring together eminent experts for presentations and Q&As on the cutting edge of ovarian cancer news and research...
Tuesday 3 November 2015
The National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) cancer conference is currently being held in Liverpool. We’ve pulled together a roundup of the biggest stories and research so far, some of which you may have read about in the news. Target Ovarian Cancer funded research paves way to roll out genetic...
Monday 7 September 2015
Older women with ovarian cancer are significantly less likely to be offered surgery than younger women, and today we are calling for this unacceptable variation to be addressed. Research by the National Cancer Intelligence Network shows 81 per cent of women with ovarian cancer aged 15-54 underwent...