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Monday 8 October 2012
Target Ovarian Cancer is deeply concerned that Avastin is to remain unavailable for use in the first-line treatment of women with advanced ovarian cancer in Scotland. The Scottish Medicines Consortium has rejected Avastin based on the licensed dosage used in a US trial (15mg per kg), and will not...
Friday 28 September 2012
8am In Bristol, slightly nervous, having my breakfast in the hotel I was staying in. Was I really up for this? When I first got the invite from Katy (a gynae oncology specialist nurse in Bristol) to work shadow her for one day I thought 'This is fantastic. I will finally see for myself what clinics...
Wednesday 21 March 2012
The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence today approved the use of the PleurX drainage system for patients in England, who have a build up of cancer fluid in their abdomen (ascites) that cannot be controlled by chemotherapy. The device, which is fitted into the abdominal wall,...
Tuesday 17 January 2012
Industry and the NHS are urged to work together for cost-effective access to Avastin now it is licensed for use in ovarian cancer in the UK. The NHS and the manufacturers of Avastin were urged to work together by Target Ovarian Cancer to ensure every woman in the UK, who can benefit from the...