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Dorothy's story

"Knowing I had the support of my family and friends made an enormous difference, but I also needed support from someone independent, who wasn't as emotionally connected, and that's where Target Ovarian Cancer came in." 

 World Ovarian Cancer Day takes place on 8 May every year, when women, friends and family members from across the globe come together to share their experiences. This year, supporters of Target Ovarian Cancer will be trekking in China and have the unique opportunity to place a brick in the Great Wall of China on behalf of women with ovarian cancer, with a dedication of hope for the future.

If you knew then what you know now, what message would you share?

Would you consider making a donation to Target Ovarian Cancer to fund their work in supporting women with ovarian cancer with information, events and expertise? If you send back your KnowNow dedication, we will place it for you on the World Ovarian Cancer Day wall, alongside messages from other supporters from countries around the globe, as well as making it part of the dedication in China.

We know your donation can make a huge difference to someone’s life. Why not help us to continue supporting thousands of women like Dorothy who are living with ovarian cancer?

Your £15 could help someone feel less alone. Cancer can be a struggle financially, and your donation could pay travel costs for someone to attend one of our support events.
Your £34 could pay for a woman with ovarian cancer to attend one of our Being Together days where she can meet other women, share experiences and support each other. 
Your £100 could fund vital workshops throughout the UK, helping women affected by ovarian cancer to take back control, rebuild confidence and feel like themselves again.
Your £500 would help us to run a Being Together Day. Our events provide emotional and practical support to thousands of women like Dorothy.

Please share your #KnowNow message with your donation today.

Please add your #KnowNow message in the comment field on our donation page.