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Don and his wife, Glenys
Don and his wife have both supported each other through cancer
My wife and I have each had the experience of a cancer diagnosis, and the experience of supporting each other through cancer. We both believe that caring for someone with cancer is a very specific kind of challenge because all you can do is watch and try to help where you can. On holiday in 2016,...
Janet's cancer diagnosis freed her from a stressful job
Despite a family history of ovarian cancer, when Janet started experiencing lower abdominal pain, she struggled to get her doctor to send her for a scan or a CA125 blood test. Janet was eventually diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later suffered a recurrence of the disease. Despite this, she is...
Jennie has been diagnosed with incurable cancer
After being told her cancer had recurred and was now classed as incurable, Jennie might have been forgiven for falling to pieces. Instead, with the help of Target Ovarian Cancer’s On Target newsletter – along with her own determination and positivity – Jennie decided to believe in the future and...
Shelley and her daughter
Shelley was most worried about the implications for her daughter
When Shelley discovered she carried the BRCA1 mutation her emotions were mixed. She now had access to more treatment options, but she was terrified about what the result might mean for her daughter… The first time I was offered genetic testing I refused. It just didn’t feel right. But after my...