Early diagnosis is still a postcode lottery
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Posted by Target Ovarian Cancer on Wednesday 8 May 2019

There’s a postcode lottery in early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. You can help change it this World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Target Ovarian Cancer has uncovered a significant gap between the best and worst areas in England for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. In some areas, less than one third of women with ovarian cancer receive an early diagnosis (stage I and II). The average is 42 per cent.

If we help more Clinical Commissioning Groups match the best areas, thousands of lives could be saved. Take action with us this World Ovarian Cancer Day.

Demand change: write to the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister has pledged that three out of four people will have their cancer diagnosed at an early stage (stage I and II) by 2028. We want to make sure that this is achieved for ovarian cancer no matter where you live.

To transform diagnosis and end the postcode lottery, we know what is needed:

  • A public awareness campaign so women know the symptoms to look out for.
  • A faster diagnostic pathway so women get to treatment as quickly as possible.
  • Investment in research to find new tests to diagnose ovarian cancer faster.

Jennie Allen was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. She said: “I was diagnosed after a series of delays. Despite a complex gynaecological history, my GP first sent me for tests for IBS, a bladder infection, then to see if I had coeliac disease. At this point I insisted on having a CA125 blood test. Too many women get fobbed off and told they have bladder infections, IBS, that it’s to do with the menopause, and so many other things. This must change.”

Download the full report on regional variation in early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.